Xiaofang Wu

Xiaofang Wu

Xiamen University, China

Title: Towards green development of shipping industry


Xiaofang Wu is currently pursuing her PhD at Xiamen University in China and has her expertise in port and shipping planning and management. Her main interest is in maritime logistics and transport chain with a focus on green development and sustainability in recent years.


Maritime transportation was moved from port-to-port operation to the combined transport supply chain of door-to-door in recent two decades. And with the requirements of sustainable development and green development, industries are actively to pay increasing attention to sustainability and maritime shipping is no exception. In this study, the port planning, shipping planning, green port and green shipping planning and concepts of maritime logistics and green maritime logistics are summarized and discussed based on literature review. The investigation of the practice on green shipping in China has also done. The results show that port planning would be hard to guide and support shipping industry as port is a node of transport chain. There is very few shipping planning focusing on strategic planning and most of them are tactical or operational planning, which is difficult to provide an approach for shipping industry towards sustainability. The approaches of strategic planning for shipping can be summarized into three types including traditional approach, contemporary approach and political approach. The study paradigm for shipping was changed with the evolution of maritime logistics. Numerous proactive for green shipping efforts encourage environmental improvements, ranging from individual schemes to more holistic approaches, referred to as sustainable or green shipping initiatives. The research gaps could be summarized: The existing shipping planning were still focused on port-to-port; the concepts between sustainable shipping and green shipping is still vague; there is lack of appropriate approach and methods for sustainable or green shipping planning strategically and there is very few studies focusing on strategically greening maritime logistics. We think that the concept and approach of green strategic planning for shipping logistics are needed to guide shipping industry towards green development and push its sustainability.