Yair Amram

Yair Amram

Hebrew University of Jerusalem-Ashkelon Academic College, Israel

Title: The impact of therapeutic factors on locus of control of addicts in therapeutic communities


Yair Amram is a social worker, teaching group treatment and Addiction therapy at Ashkelon Academic College and Hebrew university of Jerusalem, Israel. He is also a supervisor and researcher in the drug addicts area.


Therapeutic communities aim to help drug addicts change their life style and reintegrate into society. Addicts seek therapy when they feel they have lost control over their lives. Therapeutic factors are those aspects of the therapeutic process that stimulate the desired change. The paper examines clients’ perceptions of therapeutic factors, and the impact of those factors on changing the locus of control in the therapeutic process. The research findings indicate that perceptions of therapeutic factors improved as treatment progressed, Locus of control steadily increased during the treatment process. In addition, it was found that the higher the perceived level of therapeutic factors at the beginning of the process, the more the participants experienced a steady growth in their internal control over their lives.

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