Yameen Ali

Yameen Ali

Maternity and Children Hospital, KSA

Title: Spondylodiscitis challenging diagnosis in immune competent child: A case report


Yameen Ali has completed his MBBS from King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia. He has obtained Saudi and Arab Board Certifi cate in General Pediatric, completed his Fellowship and Certifi ed in Pediatric Infectious Diseases in 2015 and Certifi cation in Infection Control (CIC) 2015. He is working as a Consultant in Pediatric and Pediatric Infectious Diseases and Head of Infection Control at Maternity and Children Hospital.


Spondylodiscitis, a combination of spondylitis and discitis, is an infection of the spine that involves the intervertebral disc and the vertebral body. Patients presented with little specifi c symptoms and suspicion for diagnosis is required. Th is report aimed to describe a female child patient with spondylodiscitis and to describe the diagnostic and therapeutic tools of such patient. Th is report recorded 2 year-old female child presented by fever, pain associated with standing and sitting and 10 days history of refusal to walk in Prince Sultan Medical City, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Laboratory investigations as well as hip and knee ultrasound showed no abnormalities. However, and hip and lower back Magnetic Resonance Image (MRI) showed evidence of abnormal hyper intensity with enhancement of the bone marrow involving the vertebral bodies and adjacent endplates of 5th lumber (L5) and 1st sacral (S1) vertebrae with involvement of intervertebral disc space and paravertebral soft tissue component. Spondylodiscitis was suggested in the child and conservative management by medical team of pediatrics and orthopedics consultant has immediately started. Th e treatment included antibiotics non-steroidal analgesia and physical rehabilitation. Th e patient was completely evolved from condition within days. MRI taken 6 weeks later showed signifi cant interval improvement of signs of spondylodiscitis and the girl has been seen in the clinic aft er 4 months from discharge in good condition. Spondylodiscitis has to be considered in young children with acute ambulation changes. Prompt diagnosis and treatment involving the entire multidisciplinary team is emphasized in order to improve the prognosis of such patients.