Yan Li

Yan Li

The Fourth Military Medical University, China

Title: NDRG2, a new estrogen-targeted gene


Yan Li has completed her PhD from the Fourth Military Medical University (China) in 2009 and she used to be a Visiting Scholar for Postdoctoral research in Purdue University (USA). Now she is an Associate Professor of the department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, the Fourth Military Medical University (China). She has published more than 20 papers in academic journals including J BiolChem, Mol Ther, Breast Cancer Res and Cell Death Dis.


HumanN-myc downstream regulated gene 2(NDRG2) has been proved to be a multifunctional protein associated with cell proliferation, differentiation, transmembrane transportation and stress response. The expression of NDRG2 is transcriptionally regulated by Myc, TNFαIGF-1, hypoxia, DNA damage and many hormones including dexamethasone, insulin, androgens and aldosterone. In this study, we analyzed the promoter region flanking 5’ of NDRG2 and found a potential ERE (estrogen response element). Moreover, we revealed that estrogencan up-regulate the expression of NDRG2 inboth dose and time-dependent manners. In addition, we demonstrated that ERβ but not ERα, bound specifically to the ERE at position of -1455 to -1131 bp of NDRG2 promoter and trans-activated NDRG2 promoter. These data mean that estrogen as an important circulating hormone also plays a regulative role in NDRG2 expression. In our previous studies we found that NDRG2 interacts with β1-subunit of Na+/K+-ATPase and is involved in estrogen-mediated Na+ and Cl− transport in some epithelial cells. Therefore, characterization of the novel estrogen/NDRG2/Na+/K+-ATPase β1 regulation pathway will broaden the understanding of the regulatory role of estrogen on Na+/K+-ATPase and distribution of this pathway may potentially provide a basis for the intervention of isohydria and internal environment homeostasis in some pathological conditions.

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