Yann-Fen C. Chao

Yann-Fen C. Chao

Mackay Medical College Department of Nursing,Taiwan.

Title: The trajectory of competence development of nursing students of a four-year BSN program and related factors


Yann-Fen Chao completed her PhD study from Rush University College of Nursing in1991. Currently she was a Professor and Chair of Department of Nursing at Mackay Medical College in New Taipei City, Taiwan. Dr. Chao published more than 100 research papers with 41 in SCI journals. She also has been served as an editorial board member of a SCI journal. Her research areas were patient safety, symptom management and nursing education.


Since2006, 8 core competences were proposed by Taiwan Nursing Accreditation Council for 4-year BSN program.  This paper reported a 5-year longitudinal study examining the trajectory of competence development of nursing students of four-year BSN program and related factors. A total of 119 students who enrolled into a 4-year BSN program during 2011 to 2015 were included. They filled-out a structured questionnaire at the end of every semester from their sophomore year to graduation. The results revealed that students had various levels of nursing competencies on their entrance. One big growth was found in their second year after staring clinical practice, indicating the significance of exposure to clinical settings. At their 4th year before graduation, all the students could achieve up to 80% of the 8 core nursing competencies. Among the 8 competencies, “ethical” and “accountable” were the two which always ranked top. The levels of competencies were not correlated significantly with their anxiety levels which were ranged at light moderate. Communication ability accounted most of the variances of total competence scores. Time management had the most significant influence on all 8 competencies. The finding suggested enhancing the curriculum on communication and time management for nursing students.

Key words: BSN program, competence development, nursing student