Yi bin Hou & Jin Wang

Yi bin Hou & Jin Wang

Beijing University of Technology, China

Title: Packet loss rate mapped to the quality of experience in the IOT network


Jin Wang received a Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering from Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Beijing, China, in 2012.6. And won the National Scholarship in 2010 and won the National Endeavor Fellowship in 2009. She received aMastersr graduate in Computer Application Technology in Shijiazhuang Tiedao University in 2015.1. And published manypapers, includingg ISTP, EI and SCI. Participate in three National Natural Science Fund Project (No: 61203377, 60963011, 61162009) and Jiangxi Natural Science Foundation of China (No: 2009GZS0022), and the Special Research Foundation of Shijiazhuang Tiedao University (No: Z9901501, 20133007). She used to work at the computer center of the Navy General Hospital in 2015.4-2015.7 as an intern technician. Participate in Naval Logistics Project and anesthesia program (CHJ13L012). Now from 2015.4 she is in the school of software engineering, Department of information, Beijing University of Technology, read her PHD, Her research interests are the Internet of things and software engineering and Embedded and  image and video quality assessment in distorting network.

Yibin Hou graduated from xi’ an Jiaotong university computer science department, with a master’s degree in engineering, graduated from the Netherlands EINDHOVEN university of technology department, received a doctor’s degree from the department of engineering. From 2002 to 2013 as vice President of Beijing university of technology. The Beijing university of technology, professor, doctoral supervisor, dean of the school of software, embedded computing, director of the institute, Beijing university of technology, deputy director of academic committee and secretary-general, Beijing Internet software and systems engineering technology research center director. His research interests have been Internet of things.



The Internet of things, including Internet technology, including wired and wireless networks.In this paper, we investigate on the QOE and packet loss rate of the network because QOE is important in the network and packet loss rate is the key point in many papers.In order to study the influence of packet loss on the users’ quality of experience QoE and establish the Mapping model of the two when the video transmit in the network, building a NS2 + MyEvalvid simulation platform, by the method of modifying QoS parameters to simulate different degrees of packet loss, focus on the influence of packet loss on QoE and establish the mapping model between them. Experimental results show that, packet loss has a significant influence on Quality of experience. Packet loss rate and the Quality of experience presents a nonlinear relationship, and use Matlab to establish the mapping model, this model’s accuracy is high, easy to operate, can real-time detect packet loss has influence on the user’s quality of experience (QoE). The contribution of this paper is first through research obtained packet loss has a significant effect on the video. Second, based on receiving the packet loss has a significant effect on QoE study and establish the mapping model of packet loss rate and the user’s quality of experience QoE. Next step is to set up considering network packet loss of video quality evaluation model, on the basis of considering the different packet loss rate and different content complexity has effects on QoE which conclude from packet loss has effects on QoE’s part, combine consider other factors such as different packet loss models to establish a video quality evaluation model consider the network packet loss, more accurate prediction of QoE is the future work. E-commerce, such as the Jingdong and Taobao's free trial center, has become a hot topic.

Fig. 1 MyEvalvid system structure

Fig. 23  Src13 fitting curve (PSNR)