Yijia Li

Yijia Li

Director, Shunxi Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Research Center,Yunnan Province Stem Cell Bank,China

Title: China is Marching into Stem Cell Era


Dr. Yijia Li has a bachelor degree of biology from Tsinghua University and double degree of Economics and Management from Peking University. After his Ph.D. at Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, he joined Shunxi-Monash University Joint Lab, participated and facilitated several translational projects with Monash University, University of Melbourne, RMIT, CSIRO, ARC and NHMRC. In 2015, he was appointed as the director of Yunnan Province Stem Cell Bank (YSCB) and Yunnan Shunxi Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Research Center (SSRC). YSCB and SSRC has around 1600 m2 GMP lab space can hold up to 400,000 stem cell samples and can do 200 Human Whole Exome Sequencing every week. He leads several projects is MSC basic and translational research in both China and Australia with fund up to nearly 2 million USD and has translated several books into Chinese including 5th Edition of NetCord-FACT Cord Blood Accreditation Manual.



China holds the stem cell treatment is the future and supports various basic and translational research. In 2015, Central Government has three policies released and In March 2016 founded the Stem Cell Translational Committee with 33 Scientific members. June 2016, China approved 30 hospitals to carry out stem cell translational research and the final stem cell treatment will be using a new registration pathway. Dec 2017, second batch, 72 certified hospitals released. Therefore, open the gate of many stem cell clinical trials.

Now stem cell development especially MSC development is moving very fast. It is estimated that in the next 3-5 years, China will approve several stem cell treatments and also support hundreds of translational research