Yong-Li Zhong completed his Post-doctoral studies in Organic Chemistry from The Scripps Research Institute, during 1998 – 2001. He completed Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Organic Chemistry from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, China during 1995 – 1998.


A concise and atom-economical method for the Suzuki-Miyaura coupling of symmetrical trialkyl- and triarylboranes with aryl halides is reported. Key transformations include efficiently utilizing all three alkyl- and aryl- groups of the unactivated trialkyl- and triarylboranes that are commercial available or could be generated in situ from hydroboration of terminal alkenes with borane, and the cross-coupling reaction of the resulting trialkylboranes with aryl halides was run in one-pot fashion. The reported conditions are broadly tolerant of functional groups and heterocycles, making them particularly useful in the context of complex molecule synthesis.