Yuji T. Katagiri

Setsuro Tech Inc., Japan

Title: Genome editing by electroporation of Cas9 protein


Yuji Katagiri started his career as a Researcher of Molecular Biology (developmental biology, brain science and genomics) in RIKEN (2003-2010) and the University of Tokyo (2007-2010). After that, he had changed to business careers as sales management in Life Technologies, Inc. (2010-2012) and Illumina, Inc. (2013-August 2017). After Illumina Inc., he joined a new business venture-Setsuro Tech Inc. He is currently workinga as Chief Marketing Officer. He is developing a disease model mouse at Kyushu University as Visiting Researcher.


About us: We are manufactures of genome editing mice and fertilized eggs. Our technology was developed by Takemoto, et al. Researchers at the Tokushima University and our company's CTO, obtained a patent for this technology. We deliver mice and fertilized eggs at a faster and economical rate than our competitors.

Unique technology: Our method of genome editing- “Genome editing by electroporation of Cas9 protein”, abbreviated as the GEEP method, is different from other methods. GEEP method introduces a genome editing tool such as Cas9 protein and gRNA into a fertilized egg by electroporation. This is a high throughput method because it needs no sophisticated skills but only aligning fertilized eggs on electrodes. With the GEEP method, we can introduce genome editing tools into large amount of fertilized eggs with low damage.

Methods of our competitors: Other companies use microinjection method for genome editing. In this method, we must treat fertilized eggs one by one. This method needs sophisticated skills and a lot of time.

Our vision: Contribute to people’s livelihood, health, and the development of the industry: Our products are appreciated by Japanese researchers in terms of price, quality and pace of the delivery. Because of these factors, we can accelerate R&D. Currently, our business only supports drug discovery, but we are planning to venture into the medical, livestock, agricultural field and so on. Our team has succeeded in creating muscular pigs by the GEEP method. We believe that our technology will contribute to people’s livelihood, health, and the development of the industry.