Yusuf Hovsep Eken

Yusuf Hovsep Eken

Elkerliek ziekenhuis, Netherland

Title: Fever of unknown origin: case study


Yusuf Hovsep Eken has completed his Medical education in Utrecht University, Netherlands.


Adult onset Still's disease (AOSD) is a rare disease in adults, in children also known as systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis. We describe two patients with intermittent fevers without unknown origin. Patients were from Twenteborg Hospital Almelo affiliated with Academic Center Radboud Medical Center in Nijmegen and Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven affiliated with Maastricht Medical Center. 27 years man and 75 years old woman, who presented with lymphadenopathy and recurrent fevers, there has been used intensive serologic, radiologic, laboratory investigation to exclude infectious diseases and malignancy. All the investigation showed no diagnosis. The clinical disease described for the first time 105 years ago by Dr Still is finally diagnosed. Both patients received Anakinra with rapid response in hematologic, biochemical and cytokine markers with reduction of systemic and local inflammation.

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