Zahra Sarafraz is a 29 years old resident in Otolaryngology Department of Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Science. She has many articles and presentations in different countries and conferences such as ISCOMS, Esc-Berlin and AIMS. In 2014 she received best researcher award in her university.


Introduction: Tonsillectomy is a common surgery performed in children. Post tonsillectomy pain is an important concern. The aim of this study is assessing the eff ect of peritonsillar infi ltration of tramadol and parenteral dexamethasone on post tonsillectomy pain, nausea and vomiting in children.
Material & Methods: A double-blind randomized clinical trial was performed on 90 patients aged 6-12 years who were admitted for elective tonsillectomy. Th e patients were randomly divided into 3 groups to receive dexamethasone, tramadol or placebo. All patients underwent the same method of anesthesia and surgical procedure. Three groups had no diff erence in age, sex, and duration of anesthesia and surgery. Post-Operative pain was evaluated using VAS score. Other parameters such as the time to the first request for analgesic, hemodynamic elements, sedation score, nausea, vomiting and were also assessed during 24 hours after surgery.
Results: Pain was signifi cantly lower in tramadol group (P=0.005), longer time to the fi rst request for analgesic (P=0.001), shorter time to the beginning of liquid regimen (P=0.001), and lower change in hemodynamic parameters such as blood pressure (P=0.001) and heart rate (P=0.001) than other two groups. Dexamethasone group had signifi cantly lower nausea and vomiting (P=0.001).
Conclusion: Preoperative peritonsillar infi ltration of tramadol can decrease post-tonsillectomy pain, analgesic consumption and time to recovery without signifi cant side eff ects.

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