Zeid Abdullah Alothman is working as a professor at the Department of Chemistry at King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He received his BSc in 1997 from King Saud University and PhD degree in 2006 from Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma State, USA. His research has been focused on the application of chromatography separation methods in environmental, chemical and pharmaceutical studies, safe pollutants removal, synthesis of new silica based materials for separation (packing materials for chromatographic columns). Development of Iron Nano-Impregnated Adsorbent for Fast Removal of Fluoride from Water, etc. He has contributed in so many other fields as well and all his outstanding achievements. Rather than this, he has guided few PhD and Masters Students and published book chapter in the various field of chemistry and has been published few books as editor as well.


An UPLC-MS method has been developed for the simultaneous separation, identification and determination of 22 phenolic constituents in honey from various floral sources from Yemen. Solid-phase extraction was used for extraction of the target phenolic constituents from honey samples, while multiwalled carbon nanotubes were used as solid phase adsorbent. The chromatographic separation of all phenolic constituents was performed on a BEH C18 column using a linear gradient elution with a binary mobile phase mixture of aqueous 0.1% formic acid and methanol. The quantitation was carried out in selected ion reaction monitoring acquisition mode. The total amount of phenolic acids, flavonoids and other phenols in each analyzed honey was found in the range of 338-3312, 122-5482, and 2.4-1342 μg/100 g of honey, respectively. 4-Hydroxybenzoic acid was found to be the major phenolic acid. The main detected flavonoid was chrysin, while cinnamic acid was found to be the major other phenol compound. The regeneration of solid phase adsorbent to be reused and recovery results confirm that the proposed method could be potentially used for the routine analysis of phenolic constituents in honey extract.