Zoeal stages Prominent characters  Size range (mm)
I  Sessile eyes 1.89-2.07
II Stalked eyes 2.13-2.36
III Rostrum with epigastric tooth, uropod developed 2.37-2.52
IV Rostrum with 2 dorsal teeth 2.53-2.62
V Buds of 4th pereiopod developed 2.69-2.89
VI All pereiopods developed 3.02-3.97
VII Uniramous buds of pleopods developed 3.78-4.32
VIII Pleopods biramous 4.34-5.03
IX 1st and 2nd pereiopods chelate 5.04-5.76
X Appendix interna developed 5.77-6.02
Post-larvae Spines on ventral side of the rostrum developed 6.04-6.30
Table 5: Identification of larval stages.
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