Closest relative Similarity (%) GenBank accession number Taxon
Diet I
Control 1 Serratia sp. GIST-WP4w1 99 EF428994 γ-Proteobacteria
Control 2 Stenotrophomonas sp. Bt-45 99 GU564359 Bacteria
Control 3 Pseudomonas putida 5IIANH 99 AF307869 γ-Proteobacteria
Control 4 Serratia proteamaculans 2Sm39 97 AM268219 γ-Proteobacteria
Control 5 Vibrionaceae bacterium clone HE_C4 100 FJ178090 γ-Proteobacteria
Control 6 Pseudomonas fluorescens strain XXPFMDU1 100 GU048851 γ-Proteobacteria
Control 7 Uncultured organism clone OTUI167 99 EU332816 γ-Proteobacteria
Control 8 Pseudomonas putida strain CH-22 99 GU060497 γ-Proteobacteria
Control 9 Uncultured archaeon AEXO15n.4 97 FM242736 Archaeae
Control 10 Serratia sp. I-111-21 99 FJ786072 γ-Proteobacteria
Control 11 Uncultured g-proteobacterium RBE1CI-38 96 EF111061 γ-Proteobacteria
Control 12 Pseudomonas sp. VS05_112 99 FJ662898 γ-Proteobacteria
Control 13 Yersinia massiliensis CCUG 53444 98 EF179120 γ-Proteobacteria
Control 14 γ-proteobacterium 6.1.12_I 98 GU352683 γ-Proteobacteria
Control 15 Ewingella americana 99 AB428447 γ-Proteobacteria
Control 16 γ-proteobacterium 7.1.14_S 99 GU352879 γ-Proteobacteria
Control 17 Uncultured bacterium clone 2B 99 FN396941  
Control 18 Uncultured bacterium clone nbt36b09 99 FJ893837 γ-Proteobacteria
Control 19 Pseudomonas putida 5IIANH 97 AF307869 γ-Proteobacteria
Control 20 Uncultured bacterium S01_E08 99 AB374478 γ-Proteobacteria
Diet II
L2+I_1 γ-proteobacterium clone P_C1 100 FJ178095 γ-Proteobacteria
L2+I_2 Uncultured bacterium clone 50p7_2505 96 FJ935499  
L2+I_3 Uncultured bacterium clone 2B 97 FN396941  
L2+I_4 Pseudomonas fluorescens strain XXPFMDU1 99 GU048851 γ-Proteobacteria
L2+I_5 γ-proteobacterium 6.1.12_I 99 GU352683 γ-Proteobacteria
L2+I_6 Uncultured planctomycete Mu2MO16E2.2 98 AM941034  
L2+I_7 Uncultured bacterium clone 50p15_611 99 FJ935397 γ-Proteobacteria
L2+I_8 Enterobacteriaceae bacterium GGC-D12 100 FJ348020 γ-Proteobacteria
L2+I_9 Uncultured bacterium clone 0p15_414 85 FJ933826 γ-Proteobacteria
L2+I_10 Vibrio parahaemolyticus K5030 98 ACKB01000119 γ-Proteobacteria
L2+I_11 Uncultured Pseudomonas sp. clone K13 96 AM947012 γ-Proteobacteria
L2+I_12 Uncultured bacterium clone 50p12_408 100 FJ935181 γ-Proteobacteria
L2+I_13 Serratia proteamaculans strain 94 99 EU327084 γ-Proteobacteria
L2+I_14 Enterobacteriaceae bacterium GGC-D12 99 FJ348020 γ-Proteobacteria
L2+I_15 Uncultured bacterium clone 50p15_108 99 FJ935228 γ-Proteobacteria
L2+I_16 Uncultured bacterium clone 50p15_512 98 FJ935383 γ-Proteobacteria
L2+I_17 Uncultured bacterium clone 50p8_610 97 FJ935723 γ-Proteobacteria
L2+I_18 Pseudomonas fluorescens SBW25 100 NC_012660 γ-Proteobacteria
L2+I_19 Pseudomonas entomophila 99 NC_008027 γ-Proteobacteria
L2+I_20 Uncultured cyanobacterium clone O7 97 FJ178040 Cyanobacteriae
L2+I_21 γ-proteobacterium 2.1.12_I 98 GU352593 γ-Proteobacteria
L2+I_22 Uncultured archaeon isolate AEXO15n.4 100 FM242736 Archaeae
Table 3: 16S rRNA sequence similarities to closest relatives obtained from BLAST search, of DNA corresponding to Sparus aurata specimens fed with the different diets assayed for two weeks. Diet I is a commercial diet, and diet II, is a commercial diet supplemented with the symbiotic mixture.
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