Test Result
Bronchoscopy and BAL No endo bronchial lesion present. BAL was negative for AFB, fungi, Malignant cells
Urine analysis Albumin–++
Pus cells–10-15/HPF
Urine Culture–sterile
Renal function test Blood urea–77 mg/dl
Serum creatinine–4.7 mg/dl
Serum uric acid–5.8 mg/dl
Sodium–123 mmol/l
Potassium–3 mmol/l
C reactive protein Negative
RA factor Negative
ANA levels Negative
Ultra sound abdomen Renal parenchymal changes? ATN Orthopaedic Examination-B/L knee joint effusion+, B/L synovial thickening
OTO Laryngeal examination A single pale granulomatous leison over post 1/3 rd of vocal cords
Table 1: Investigations & Results on further evaluation after readmission.