Figure 4: Seven genetically modified canola lines detection on a chip coated with capture probes spotted by a computer-controlled dispenser.Each spot comprised 40 nL of 1 μM probe solution. (Upper panel) Capture probes were spotted in the following order. M:biotin-dA20 (positive control marker); spots1-9, specific integration junction regions [1, T45; 2, GT73; 3, Oxy-235; 4, topas 19/2; 5, Ms8; 6, Rf3; 7, Ms1; 8, Rf1; 9, Rf2.]. (Lower panel) Detection of foreign genes in GM canola products on thin-film biosensor chips. One through nine represent the detection results of nine integration junction regions from Ms1, Rf1, Ms1, Rf2,Ms8, Rf3, GT73, T45, Oxy-235, and Topas 19/2, respectively.
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