Quantities and Symbols Definitions
image Volume fractions of solid network, water and ionic species
N Total number of ionic species
E Elastic strain vector of solid phase
t Time
image Solid-phase volume fraction at a reference configuration
Ck Concentration of the kth ionic species
Mk Molar weight of the kth ionic species
image True mass density of phase α
vα Velocity vector of phase α.
image Fixed charge density at reference configuration.
image Water volume fraction at reference configuration
σ Mixture stress
μα(α=s,w,k) Chemical potential of phase α
fαβ = fβα Frictional coefficients between phases α and β
zk(k=1,2,3,…N) Valence of ion α
p Fluid pressure
I Identity tensor
Tc Chemical expansion stress
Φk Osmotic coefficient of kth ionic species
λs, μs Lame coefficients of solid matrix
γk Activity coefficient of the kth ionic species
image Chemical potential of phase α at reference configuration
R Universal gas constant
T Absolute temperature
Fc Faraday constant
ψ Electrical potential
Bw Coupling coefficient.
Table 1: The parameter definitions of the multi-phasic mixture theory.
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