Electrical methods Biological information Reference
Impedancemetry -cell size, membrane conductivity & intracellular structures
-cell growth & invasion, adherence, cell spreading
-cell swelling & lysis, cell death
-cell migration
-epithelial membrane integrity & polarity
-cell status (normal, apoptotic, necrotic)
-cell differentiation
-cell mitosis & motility
-cell shape / cell culture density; spheroids properties
-Debuisson, 2008; Cheung 2010 (rev)
-Rahim et al, 2011
-Malleo et al, 2010; Cheung 2010 (rev)
-Wang et al, 2008
-Sun et al, 2010
-Gou et al, 2010
-Hildebrandt et al, 2010; Cheung 2010
-Ghenim et al, 2010
-KloB et al, 2008
Amperometry cell secretion (metabolites, enzyme activity); exocytosis Amatore, 2010 (book chapter); Spegel et al (2008); Bao et al (2008) (rev).
Patch-clamp ion channels activity from single cells Picollet (book chapter) 2010, Dunlop et al (2008) (rev)
Capacitive biosensors membrane protein activity; metabolic activity Levine et al, 2009; Tsouti et al 2011 (rev)
FET extracellular currents Fromherz (2001); Yu et al, 2007
nanoFET extra- + intracellular activity in a sub-10 nm-scale : local action potential signals, mapping functional connectivity.
Prospects: correlate electronic signalling with chemical release
Tian et al, 2010
Timko et al, 2010
MEAS + patch-clamp communicating networks + intracellular recordings; cell-to-cell communication Py et al, 2010
Table 1: Electrical methods presented according to the type of information they provide on the biological material examined and the use of this information to guide development of biosensors. References of recent papers or reviews (rev) are given. More details about methods and applications could be found in the text.
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