Forward Reverse Product size (bp)
First PCR
Set A ProFw ProRv 831
  Ex5Fw Int6Rv 757
Set B Ex3Fw Ex3Rv 360
  Ex7Fw Ex7Rv 447
  Ex9Fw Ex9Rv 412
  Ex11Fw Ex11Rv 276
  Ex12Fw Ex12Rv 173
Allele-specific second PCR
Set 1 CYP3A4*8 Wt/ CYP3A4*8 Mt Int6Rv 516
  ProFw CYP3A4*1B Wt/ CYP3A4*1B Mt 310
  CYP3A4*15 Wt/ CYP3A4*15 Wt Int6Rv 153
Set 2 Ex5Fw CYP3A4*9 Wt/ CYP3A4*5 Mt 663
  Ex7Fw CYP3A4*5 Wt/ CYP3A4*5 Mt 221
  Ex7Fw CYP3A4*16 Wt/ CYP3A4*16 Wt 120
  CYP3A4*13 Wt/ CYP3A4*13 Wt Ex11Rv 73
Set 3 ProFw CYP3A4*14 Wt/ CYP3A4*14 Wt 742
  CYP3A4*11 Wt/ CYP3A4*11 Wt Ex11Rv 234
Set 4 CYP3A4*7 Wt/ CYP3A4*7 Wt Ex3Rv 261
  CYP3A4*12 Wt/ CYP3A4*12 Wt Ex11Rv 206
  CYP3A4*6 Wt/ CYP3A4*6 Wt Ex9Rv 178
  CYP3A4*10 Wt/ CYP3A4*10 Wt Int6Rv 117
Set 5 Ex5Fw CYP3A4*4 Wt/ CYP3A4*4 Wt 242
  CYP3A4*3 Wt/ CYP3A4*3 Wt Ex12Rv 101
Table 4: Primer combinations for amplification of first and allele-specific second PCR of CYP3A4.
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