Figure 1: Effect of NT69L on nicotine self-infusion in alcohol- and airexposed Wistar rats
NT69L (1 mg/kg i.p.) or saline was injected 30 min prior to the nicotine selfinfusion (0.03 mg/kg/infusion in 90 μl sterile saline) session on FR1 schedule of reinforcement. Values represent the number of active nicotine self-infusions (mean ± SEM); (n) number of animals in each group; * significantly different from corresponding saline groups (P<0.001); ** significantly different from air/nicotine group (P<0.001); # significantly different from corresponding NT pretreated groups (P<0.005). Inset shows time course for nicotine self-infusion in alcohol- and air-exposed rats. Pretreatment with a single dose of NT69L significantly attenuated nicotine self-infusion for 5 days.
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