Molecular pathway Permutated p value False discovery rate q value Activity
GO:0000096 0.0007 0.10 Sulfur aminoacid metabolic process
GO:0019932 0.0053 0.40 Second-messenger-mediated signaling activity
GO:0016054 0.0085 0.43 Organic acid catabolic process
GO:0009069 0.0120 0.45 Serine family aminoacid process
GO:0045121 0.0153 0.46 glycolipid-enriched membrane domain
GO:0022834 0.0196 0.49 Ligand-gated channel activity
The table shows the results of the association between the pathways under analysis and the depressive phenotype of our patients.
Table 6: Pathways associated with depressive phases.
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