Addictive Behaviors Impulsive Behaviors Obsessive Compulsive Behaviors Personality Disorders
Substance Related Non Substance Related Spectrum Disorders Disruptive Impulsive
Alcohol Thrill seeking (novelty) Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Anti-social Body Dysmorphic Paranoid
Cannabis Sexual Sadism Tourette and Tic Syndrome Conduct Hoarding Schizoid
Opioids Sexual Masochism Autism Intermittent Explosive Trichotillo-mania(hair pulling) Borderline
Sedatives/Hypnotics Hypersexual   Oppositional Defiant Excoriation (skin picking) Schizotypal
Stimulants Gambling   Exhibitionistic Non-suicidal Self-Injury Histrionic
Tobacco Internet Gaming       Narcissistic
Glucose         Avoidant
Food         Dependent
Table 1: The Reward Deficiency Syndrome Behaviors (RDS)
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