Chapter 1 College increases Awareness through Education and Marketing
Increase the number of peer educators and Res Life employees
Educate all new teachers/staff/faculty at the college
Increase awareness about stress relievers ( yoga, meditation, music)
Chapter 2 Coming Together as a Committed Community with Support and Resources
Apply for grants and inventory needs and resources
5K Race
Meeting with neighbourhood associations
Chapter 3  Innovation Leading the Way
Develop peer support
Community endorsement/more resources/grants
New policies for prescription drug disposal and education
Chapter 4 Striving and Thriving: Promoting and Enhancing a Healthy Environment
Maintain what we already have in place
Continue to get grants and other financial resources
Students learning from students
Chapter 5 Achieving the Dream: From Small Things Big Things Grow
Importance of community unification and involvement
Marketing the cause (media)
Inspirational speakers for the public
Table 3: Design Phase Results: How to Make the Dream Statements a Reality.
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