Positive response Neutral response Negative response Mean strength of response
Overall Rating of COS program 7-Jul - - 0.95
Easy to understand 7-Jul - - 1
Reduced parental stress 7-Apr 7-Mar - 0.79
Did COS affect your relationship with your child 7-Jun 7-Jan - 0.95
Do you now view your child’s behaviour differently 7-May 7-Feb - 0.9
Better able to identify own “Shark Music” 7-May 7-Feb - 0.9
Better able to identify child’s needs 7-Jun 7-Jan - 0.95
Better able to repair ruptures to carer-child relationship 7-Apr 7-Feb 7-Jan 0.71
Improved reflective capacity 7-Apr 7-Jan 7-Feb 0.64
Improved child behaviour 7-Jan 7-Jun - 0.71
Developed improved parent abilities 7-May 7-Jan 7-Jan 0.79
Ceased some old parenting behaviours 7-Jun 7-Jan - 0.93
Would recommend COS to other parents 7-Jul - - 1
Table 1: Results from the COS Parent Feedback Questionnaire. (Mean strength of response calculated from Likert scales, 0=disagree, 1=agree).
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