Stakeholders Action
Program location (at Centers for Independent Living) I,C* Incorporated
Increase number of sessions C Incorporated
Increase frequency of sessions per week C Incorporated
Increase duration of sessions C Incorporated
Limit group size to 8 people C Incorporated
Account for accessibility challenges (e.g., transportation, scheduling, and changes in health) I,C Incorporated
Adjust language requiring all attendees to see a physician prior to participation E Incorporated
Manual (Disability Information)    
Content: Use disability-specific examples and scenarios C, E Incorporated
Content: Update photos depicting people with disabilities (PWD) C Incorporated
Content: Provide more detail on how tobacco use affects disability I, E Incorporated
Content: Provide resources for PWD C, E Incorporated
Content: Provide disability appropriate recommendations (e.g., incorporate exercises for PWD) I, C, E Incorporated
Content: Provide online activities (quizzes, diary) C In Progress
Content: Address personal care attendants (PCA) who use tobacco I, C Incorporated
Content: Consider how people with cognitive issues track NRT usage E Incorporated
Format: Offer alternative formats for hearing and visually impaired C Incorporated
Manual (General Accessibility)    
Content: Update general tobacco information (e.g., over 7,000 chemicals are in cigarette smoke) E Incorporated
Content: Use appropriate withdrawal symptoms E Incorporated
Content: Add more information on stress management C Incorporated
Content: Include group rules C Incorporated
Content: Use a more flexible quit plan C,E Incorporated
Content: Include information and activities on motivation to quit I, E Incorporated
Content: Include information on increased appetite and healthy eating C, E Incorporated
Content: Add homework assignments C Incorporated
Content: Include multiple choice questions within the workbook C Evaluating
Content: Remove quit line information from the quit plan page E Incorporated
Content: Demonstrate nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) E Incorporated
Format: Make information more understandable C, E Incorporated
Format: Lower reading level C, E Incorporated
Format: Reduce the amount of text / Include more graphics and visuals C, E Incorporated
Format: Reduce or remove “scientific” language C Incorporated
Facilitator Guide    
Discuss having low familial support in quitting tobacco C Incorporated
Discuss challenges of living with a disability and tobacco use (e.g., high number of PWD who smoke) I, C Incorporated
Discuss effects of tobacco on wound healing (especially for spinal cord injury) E Incorporated
Discuss how medications and NRT interact I, C, E Incorporated
Allow participants to select multiple NRT E Incorporated
Discuss relapse and slip in proper context E Incorporated
Discuss causes of cravings E Incorporated
Address questions regarding cessation methods that are not recommended (e.g., e-cigarette, acupuncture) E Incorporated
Recommend communication with physician regarding starting program and using medications E Incorporated
Provide information regarding handling participants questions about multiple medications E Incorporated
Discuss role of caffeine and association with cigarettes E Incorporated
Table 2: Program Recommendations.
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