Relationships Work Health during Problems
Alex Better with wife and children
Better with self:
Taking care of self
Made easier, slowing down and leaving space for HP.
Can handle it now.
New strategy to deal with seasonal depression with others who have it. Work was main block. Waiting on HP. Not expecting so much financially
Carl HP comes first. Still resentment about God. Now studies Long periods of peace now
“Less insane”
Seeks in program for solutions, asks what did I not do?
Emma Good with AA members Follows open doors and is ok with what comes. Can endure. Anti-depressant medication is way down now. Prays to go through.
Hands over and trusts HP
Fred Good now with sister and nephews. Job in nature where he enjoys his HP Diabetes better Listens to his conscience
Annie Better relationship with self Much easier self-employed than the past  very stressful employment Would not act on suicidal thoughts any more. Meditates.
Does inventory when needed
John Now in a good relationship for the first time in his life Better attitude to people (used to be nasty) Much lighter symptoms of bipolar Does a lot of meetings as famous atheist suggested.
Lily Appreciates being able to talk about spirituality with AA members Working on closer relationship with HP Used to spend years with bad feelings. Now  meditating so able to handle them Loving-kindness meditation. Learning about closer HP contact.
Dom Priority is HP relationship.
Ambivalent with  AA members.
Left stressful job.
Handles new job stresses by daily morning meditation
Was mad.
Now has much less anxiety and worry
Uses meditation.
Prays to Jesus
Helped by sponsor & good therapist
Gabe Very good with HP & AA friends. Better in future with outsiders. More reliable, planning now.
Much better
Dealing better with negative emotions by acceptance Prays, does inventory, chooses to suffer (which turns to joy)
Liz Child ok miraculously. Better generally with people. Not in paid work. Taking much better care of home. After doing 12 Step, now working on mental part of the disease Looks to HP, meditates, looks forward to future bigger picture
Table 2: HP Impact on 10 AA Members’ Lives.
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