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Reactions to Public Policies  
Positive reactions [What if somebody started to smoke in a non-smoking section, would they ask them to move or you think they wouldn’t care?]
I think they would definitely. Everyone would say “listen this is not a smoking section. Please move.”
Negative reactions I just hate those smoking areas…smoke boxes. What are we – prisoners?
Barriers to enforcement of Public policies Yeah, it’s definitely a situation where bar, pubs, and clubs, they’ll have the “no smoking” sign up there because they are required to have it. But they’ll have ashtrays out, and everyone will smoke. They won’t come and enforce it.
Reactions to Campus Policies  
Disapproval of potential campus-wide ban Obviously we would find some way to smoke. You can never get a 100% smoke-free campus.
No enforcement of current campus policies Well, at residences here at UCT, you can smoke freely.
Private Restrictions in Car  
Home bans When you invite people over and it smells like smoke, it’s not welcoming.
Car bans I would never smoke if there’s someone under the age of 12 in the car, just as a matter of principle.
Support for others’ private restrictions Sometimes I won’t even ask. I’ll just go outside. It’s just respect.
Social Influences  
Social influences for smoking initiation I come from a family of smokers. My dad’s a serious smoker. My brother picked up smoking. To be honest, I didn’t start smoking cigarettes first. I actually tried other things if you get my drift. And then I just tried cigarettes one day, you know just tried to increase my buzz. Then I ended up getting addicted because I felt a significant change. And then from that point on, it was one a day. Then it became two a day – it just got out of control.
Social influences as barriers to cessation I find a big problem is that I have a lot of friends who are smokers. So even if I am incredibly determined to quit, it is really hard when you’re hanging out with people who smoke. And they’re not just smokers. But they’re quite heavy smokers. I know at the end of the day it’s my problem if I do it, but it definitely does make it more difficult.
Triggers for smoking  
Stress I started smoking first year of university during exam period. It was definitely the biggest stress relief.
Social Influences Every time I see someone on the television who smokes, or one of my friends, then I can’t resist. I have to smoke.
Alcohol Consumption I only smoke when I’m drinking, and that’s if someone I’m drinking with is smoking. If no one is smoking while I’m drinking, I’m not going to smoke.
Boredom Also when you’re bored. Like when I have to sit and wait for the bus. It’s going to be15 minutes, and I have nothing to do. So I’ll smoke. When you’re lonely or you have company, you’ve got something to do. You don’t just sit there.
Table 3: Reactions to smoking policies in public, on campus, and in private spaces and other smoking-related factors among college student smokers in South Africa.
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