NPG n=888 NPB n=695 AMP n=283 F Partial ή2
    Mean (SD) Mean (SD) Mean (SD)    
  Psychological distress 28.83b (7.20) 24.25a (6.66) 29.53b (8.03) 94.46*** 0.095
  Impulsivity 1.64a (1.59) 1.73a (1.55) 2.40b (1.79) 23.97*** 0.025
  Sensation-seeking 3.56a (1.43) 3.89b (1.35) 3.92b (1.40) 13.57*** 0.015
Table 4: Psychological dimensions of the three adolescent groups; Notes: Means that do not share the same superscript letter were significantly different based on the Scheffé test (p<0.05). NPG: nonproblematic girls; NPB: non-problematic boys; AMP: Adolescents with multiple problems. ***p<0.001