Figure 1: Stimulus sequence of the color version of Eriksen flanker task proceeds as follows: Two flankers of the same color are presented for 200 ms on the black background. A centrally presented target completes the set which is presented for 200ms and is then replaced by a fixation string for 1300ms with a total trial length of 1700ms. Using their index fingers, participants are instructed to press the left button to green or red targets and the right button to blue or yellow targets. Besides the Congruent (CO) condition in which flankers are the same color as the target, the stimulus sets can be incongruent in two ways: on Stimulus Incongruent (SI) trials, flankers and the target are incongruent at the color level, but are mapped to the same response hand. Response Incongruent (RI) trials are incongruent in both color and response mapping.
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