Figure 4: Random effects group average activity to both RI-CO and SI-CO conflict contrasts are displayed on the lateral and medial views of the inflated cortical surfaces of both hemispheres. Bar graphs along the sides of the activity maps show baseline-normalized conflict-related difference in percent signal change for the ROIs in both hemispheres for alcohol and placebo. The response-level conflict elicited activity in predominantly left prefrontal areas. Alcohol intoxication attenuated activity in the medial prefrontal cortex and insula. Conversely, increase in compensatory activity can be observed in the vlPFC and premotor areas. Pre-SMA: presupplementary motor area; ACC: anterior cingulate cortex; Sup. Precent.: superior precentral area; vlPFC: ventrolateral prefrontal cortex; Subpar. sulc: subparietal sulcus; TPOJ: temporo-parieto-occipital junction.
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