Core criterion: CRAVING  
topics (1) Urge to be online
(2) Re-occurring thoughts about online activities
Exemplary question (1) How often do you experience an irresistible desire to be online?
Exemplary question (2) How often is your mind captured by online activities?
Core criterion: TOLERANCE  
topics (1) Increasing time spent online
(2) Increasing frequency of being online (e.g. updating one’s profile)
Exemplary question (1) Has your online consumption increased?
Exemplary question (2) Did you recognize being online more and more often?
Core criterion: WITHDRAWAL  
topics (1) psycho-vegetative symptoms
(2) externalizing symptoms
Exemplary question (1) Do you feel bad when not being able to be online?
Exemplary question (2) Do you get angry or aggressive when your internet connection is slowed down or impaired?
Exemplary question (3) Did you catch yourself yelling at someone who told you that you ware online too often or too long?
Core criterion: LOSS OF CONTROL  
topics (1) unsuccessful attempts to stay offline
(2) longer time online than planned
Exemplary question (1) Did you try to stay offline but was not able to
Exemplary question (2) Do you recognize feeling detached from time when being online
Core criterion: PREOCCUPATION  
topics (1) prioritizing online-activities
(2) cutting down alternative activities / interests
Exemplary question (1) Did you recognize offline activities not being that pleasurable anymore?
Exemplary question (2) Do you favour online communication over real-world communication since you have discovered the internet?
topics (1) psychosocial conflicts
(2) deteriorating achievements
Exemplary question (1) Did you start to retract from important social contacts or family members since you started to be online?
Exemplary question (2) Did your engagement in school / job lost in quality or productivity?
Comments: Rating of each of the sic core criteria according to: 0=not at all, 1=rarely; 2=sometimes; 3=periodically, 4=often; 5=very distinct; Note that both topics and exemplary questions are suggestions, not obligations
Table 1: Core criteria, main topics and exemplary questions of AICA-Checklist.
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