Figure 1: Sex differences Effects of nicotine withdrawal on FST immobility scores. Mice were injected with 0.3 or 0.6 mg/kg nicotine from PD 30 to PD 44 and then tested for depression-like behavior in the FST. A: Immobility scores on PD45, one day after the last nicotine injection. B: Immobility scores on PD74, 30 days after the last nicotine injection.
Abbreviations: F: Females; M: Males; SAL: Saline; 0.3 NIC: 0.3 mg/kg nicotine; 0.6 NIC: 0.6 mg/kg nicotine,
*Compared to same sex saline-treated mice
#Compared to same sex PD45 mice that received the same treatment, p<0.05.
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