Managerial Institute drug counting Employ adequate staff Have reliable drug supply Initiate NGO for loans Increase ART clinics Improve transfer of users to nearby ART clinic Open clinics early and minimize clients’ waiting time Avail more confidential consultation room Number of clients bringing drugs for counting. Number of new staff employed. Availability of stable chain of drug supply. Number of NGO established Number of new ART clinics Number of users transferred to nearby ART clinics Number of clinics open on time   Number of clinics with confidential consultation rooms
Educational: Training of provider Update knowledge of staff Train on adherence counseling (emphasize on initial side effects) Training supportive staff to minimize stigma to clients System to update staff knowledge in place. Number of staff trained on adherence counseling   Number of supportive staff trained
Educational: Training of the public Train community counselors who operate from home in Arusha Prepare IEC materials focusing on promoting disclosure and stigma reducing Conduct education through radio, TV and Newspapers  Number of community counselors trained   Number and types of IEC materials prepared.   Number of programs produced.
Table 3: The followings are the proposed interventions from this study.
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