Authors Participants Monitor activity and setting Protocol Psysical Activity score used Results: Physical Activity Levels Conclusion
Boop CM [27]
N=66 men and women
Age: 18-64 years
(39±8 years)
All participants were on antiretroviral medications
Wrist atigraph
(Ambulatory Monitoring, Inc., Ardsley, NY)
Physical activity indes is calculated as the percentage of time units where actility levels were recorded at greater than zero
Worn 3 days.
Monitor placement: non-dominant hand
Physical Activity index, mean physical activity level and acceleration activity Average minutes of PA  144±31 min/day
(Low, moderate and high intensity activities are all incluyed in this value)Ranging from 43 to 193 min)
Inverse relationship between activity, independent of intensity and stage of illness, and viral load in HIV-RNA infected individuals.
There are an association between daily physical activity level and health benefits in HIV-infected individuals.
Ramirez- Marrero FA et al. [20]
N=58 Hispanic adults (23 women and 35 men)
Age: 45.9 years (±9.3)
89% on antiretroviral therapy
Actigraph Model GT7164 (or CSA)(Actigraph, Fort Walton Beach, FL)
1 min epoch
Worn 7 consecutive days
Activity monitor data were included in the analyses if at least 10 hour/day of register at least 5 days, at least 1 day on a weekend
Monitor placement: right waist
Activity counts/day
Activity counts/min at specific intensity levels
Average min/week of MVPA using cut-points: Ligth activity = 101-1951 counts/min, moderate activity = 1952-5724 counts/min, vigorous actuvity > 5724)
Light activities: 120 min/week
Inactivity: 700 min/week
Activity counts/day: 262,833±114,984
(24,9146±10,3592 men)
Steps/day: 7,495±2,817
(7,886±2,662 women)
Hispanic participants living with HIV had lower levels of PA.
Activity level recorded by International Physical Activity Questionnaire overestimated their activity level in comparasion accelerometry, especially among in moderate-intensity activities
Fillipas S et al.[14]
N=30 males
Age: 53.2 years (±10.2)
6(0.25-0.21 range) years on antiretroviral therapy
Actigraph GT1M
(Actigraph, LLC, Pensacola, FL)
1 min epoch
Worn 7 consecutive days during all waking hours except during waer-based activities.
Activity monitor data were included in the analyses if at least 600 minutes of register per day at least 5 days, 1 of which had to be on a weekend
Monitor placement: right hip
Activity counts
Energy Expenditure per week expressed as kilocalories per week
Time spent in each activity (minutes/week)
Moderate activity: 237 min/week
Vigorous activity: 8 min/week
Activity counts/week: 176,7400±796,028
Step/week: 47,608.9±19,839.6
The International Physical Activity Questionnaire overstimates moderate and vigorous Physical Activity in HIV-Infected individuals compared with accelerometer data
DigiWalker model 200 pedometer (Yamax Corporation, Tokyo, Japan) Steps/day:7,594
Table 1: Relevant information of each paper that used objective measures to assessment physical activity levels in HIV-infected people. (HIV = Human Immunodeficiency Virus, PA = Physical Activity and MVPA = Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity).
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