Factors predicting good outcome Factors present in our patient
At diagnosis  
Non-progressive".Neurological symptoms [5] No
CD4+ T-cell count >100 cells/mmł No
Gadolinium Contrast enhancement on MRI [5] Yes
Early Interventions and response  
Earlier use of steroids after the recognition of IRIS [5] Yes
Radiological improvement  within 6 month after introduction of HAART [17] Yes
Factors predicting poor outcome  
Progressive Neurological symptoms [5] Yes
Worsening of preexisting PML [5] Yes
Late use of steroids in the course of IRIS [5] No
Lesion load on PML-IRIS MRI >2 [5] Our patient had diffused multiple lesions (Lesion load 51) on MRI including cerebellar white matter, right thalamus, left parietal lobe. right putamen, right subinsular region, right posterior frontal lobe and bilateral periventricular white matter. Post treatment lesion load decreased to 25.
Table 3: Factors affecting clinical outcome in PML-IRIS in HIV patients.
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