Figure 2: Correlation between FEF25-75 and age (years / left) and weight (kg / right) in HIV-1 vertically infected children (dot) and matched healthy controls (square). FEF25-75 is correlated with age and weight in healthy children but not in HIV-1 chronically infected children. FEF25-75= 1.13+0.156*age; R²= 0.149 - NS (HIV-1 infected children), FEF25-75=-3.005+0.519*age; R²=0.408 – p= 0.006 (matched healthy children). FEF25-75= 1.985+0.27*weight; R²=0.163 - NS (HIV-1 infected children),
FEF25-75=-0.317+0.085*weight; R²=0.392 – p= 0.007 (matched healthy children). NS: non significant.
Full lines: slope; dotted lines: 95% confidence intervals.
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