Figure 3: HIV-induced increases at 48 h abrogated by Stampidine showed cross hits with Host Dependent Factors identified in RNAi study. Crossreferencing of HIV-induced increases in expression between 24 and 48 hours that were abrogated by Stampidine with HDF genes validated in the Brass siRNA screen [1] resulted in identification of 18 genes depicted in the heat map. Gene expression values (signal difference metric) were mean centered to HIV-infected 24 hour time point in the presence and absence of Stampidine to assess genes dynamically induced in expression by virus at 48 hours. One-way agglomerative hierarchical clustering technique was used to organize gene expression patterns across treatments to identify genes with similar profiles. Dendrograms depicted in A illustrated similar expression from joining pairs of expression profiles using the average distance metric, whereby profiles joined by short branch lengths showed most similarity. The heat map depicts genes up regulated (red) and down regulated (green) at 48 hours relative to 24 hours. The table in B shows the mean centered increases in gene expression relative to the 24 hour time point in the presence of the virus (N=5) and the abrogation in the presence of virus and Stampidine (N=7). The fold change for the effect of Stampidine alone at 24hr (N=6) and 48 hr (N=6).
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