Figure 2: Association between increase in percent CD4+ Treg cells with disease progression [drop of CD4 count] and suppressive T-cell proliferation to PHA in HIV-1 individuals. A. Frequency of CD4+Foxp3+ T-regulatory cells in HC, PTB, HIV-1 infected with or without PTB co-infection within CD4 T-cell [Total], CD4+CD25high [CD25 high], CD4+CD25intermediate [CD25 intermediate] and CD4+CD25low/negative [CD25 low/-ve] sub-population. PBMC were stained with CD4-PE, CD25-PE-Cy7, and FoxP3-Alexa488. Data are expressed as Means with SEM [standard error of mean] of percentage cells positive for FoxP3. B. Significant negative correlation between percent CD4+FoxP3+ Tregs and FoxP3 expression per cell [MFI] with CD4 count in PBMC from HIV patients. C. Proliferative T-cell response profile to PHA [non-specific stimulation for 96 hours]. Stimulation indices were determined by comparison with paired unstimulated cells from each individual. Data are expressed as Means with SEM [standard error of the mean] of stimulation indices. D. Negative positive correlation between percent Treg within CD4 T-cells. The solid line is the linear regression of the points and dotted lines are the 95% confidence band for the mean. Rho and p values are Spearman rank correlation test.
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