Figure 5: CxCR4 expression. A. & B. Total CxCR4 and CxCR4 splice variant 2 mRNA relative gene expressions as percent of GAPDH in unstimulated PBMCs from HC, patients with PTB, HIV-1 infected with or without PTB co-infection. C. & D. CxCR4 mRNA relative gene expression is up-regulated in HIV-1 infected subjects with disease progression with significant negative correlation with absolute CD4 count. E. & F. NF-κB positively associated with CxCR4 variants expression in HIV-1 patients. The relative NF-κB mRNA expression in PBMC cells positively correlated with CxCR4 expression in HIV-1 subjects and not in healthy controls [HC]. G. & H. Relative HO-1 mRNA expression in PBMCs positively correlate with CxCR4 variant 2 in HIV-1 subjects and not in healthy controls. The solid line is the linear regression of the points and dotted lines are the 95% confidence band for the mean. Rho and p values are Spearman rank correlation test.