Figure 6: Rac-1 expression. A. Rac-1 mRNA relative gene expression as percent of GAPDH in unstimulated PBMCs from HC, patients with PTB, HIV-1 infected with or without PTB co-infection. B. & C. Rac-1 positively correlated with relative mRNA expression of CxCR4-T, though this scenario is broken in HIV-1 subjects. D. & E. Significant positive correlation of Rac1 expression with NF-κB, in both healthy and HIV-1 subjects, independent of the disease condition. F. & G. There was significant positive correlation between Rac1 with HO-1 in HIV-1 subjects. H. & I. There was no correlation of FoxP3 with Rac1 in healthy controls but we found significant correlation in HIV-1 subjects.The solid line is the linear regression of the points and dotted lines are the 95% confidence band for the mean. Rho and p values are Spearman rank correlation test.
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