Warm up Let’s start by having you tell me a little about yourself. How are you feeling today? How has your health been lately?
  Could you tell me something about your experience with HIV/AIDS?
Could you tell me something about your experience with HIV medications?
From your understanding, how do Anti-retroviral medications work?
What do you think will make it hard for you to take your medications?  Or what has made it hard in the past? 
Some circumstances that may make it difficult for some people to take medications.  Let me ask how you think these would apply to you.
a. Side effects from HIV medications
b. Depression: Can you describe a time when you (your partner) felt sad, felt like you (he/she) did not want to eat, or experienced feelings of depression?  If so please tell me about you (your partner) experience.
a. Stigma (having to hide)
b. Access to medication or medical care
c. Financial problems
Finally, please tell us a little about yourself? For example…. a. Where are you from, what province?
b. What is your ethnicity?
c. What is your age?
d. What was the last year you finished ofschool?
e. What was your last job?
f. Who lives in your household?
g. At home do you have your own room or do you share a room with others?
h. Do you have a male or female spouse or partner?
i. Is there anything else you would like to share with us about using HIV medications?
Closing Ok.  That’s it for our questions.  Do you have anything else to add or anything else to ask me? 
Table 1: Qualitative In-depth Interview Schedule.
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