Introduction & Overview of the effects of nutrition, exercise and stress on the body and  immune system
Nutrition Part I:  Eating for Energy
Nutrition Part II:  Cholesterol, Fat, & Label Reading
Exercise & Fitness Part I:  The Awareness of Physical changes and how to deal with them
Exercise & Fitness Part II:  The Importance of a Physically Active Lifestyle Weight Changes:  Recognizing the ups and downs of body weight
Stress & Depression:  Signs, Symptoms, & some Solutions  General Wellness:  Lung cancer and smoking cessation and Lymphoma
Women’s Health:  The Importance of Breast Self-exam and Understanding Menstruation &  Menopause         
Women’s Health:  Recognizing & Understanding Gynecological Problems
Note: Reproduced from OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing (used with permission)
Table 1: Topical Outline Health Promotion Program by Group Session.
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