Deviations in treatment  (fluconazole 400 mg/d 10 weeks)  
Amphotericin B without evidence of CM (no LP done) 2 (6.7)
Fluconazole 800 mg for 3d followed by 400 mg/d 5 (16.7)
Failure to complete 10 weeks of fluconazole 400 mg/d  
Discontinued by physician prematurely (at 6.5 weeks) 1(3.3)
Livertoxicity (at 5 weeks) 1(3.3)
Concurrent potentially hepatotoxic medication:
co-trimoxazole, nevirapine
Failure to continue secondary prophylaxis until CD4 recovery  
Livertoxicity 3 (10.0)
Concurrent potentially hepatotoxic medication:
co-trimoxazole (n-3), isoniazid (n-1), nevirapine (n-1), efavirenz (n-2)
CM: Cryptococcal Meningitis; Lumbar Puncture (LP)
aAll data: n (%)
Table 2: Compliance with and feasibility of the implementation of the “screen-and-treat” guidelines (N=30)a
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