Indicators Baseline (%) Endline (%)
Proportion of records showing WHO clinical staging for HIV/AIDS had been donea 90 89
Proportion of records showing CD4+ values 97 98
Proportion of records showing whether clients are on ARVs 34 49*
Proportion of records showing that the client had just started HAART (within 6 months) 8 25*
Proportion of records that had the necessary documents filled correctly 15 28*
Number of cases 454 487
Notes: aWHO staging system is a simplified AIDS staging system that is based on 4 groups of clinical conditions that have prognostic significance and therefore constitute stages, plus an assessment of physical activity performance expressed as a 4-point score; Patients are classified according to the highest stage recorded for either clinical condition or physical activity. Patients are asymptomatic; mildly symptomatic; moderately symptomatic; severely symptomatic. Clinical Stage 1 (asymptomatic, normal activity), Clinical Stage 2 (Unintentional weight loss < 10% body weight), Clinical Stage 3(Unintentional weight loss > 10% body weight, Chronic diarrhea > 1 month, prolonged fever > 1 month (constant or intermittent), Clinical Stage 4 (HIV wasting syndrome, severe opportunistic infection and severely ill); CCCs: Comprehensive Care Centers; WHO: World Health Organization; ARVs: antiretrovirals; HAART: Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy; *p<0.05.
Table 4: Distribution of key indicators of quality of care within the CCCs.
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