Dependent variable: current HIV (co-infection with gonorrhoea) adjusted OR(95% CI) p
Age 0.99 (0.93-1.06) 0.973
STD history 57.44 (6.78-486.50) <0.001
HIV-positive stable partner 23.13 (2.44-219.36) 0.003
Concomitant syphilis 8.88 (1.90-41.37) 0.005
Unprotected, insertive anal intercourse 6.10 (2.52-14.76) <0.001
Sexual contacts under the influence of drugs/alcohol 2.73 (1.13-6.62) 0.026
The backward selection procedure removed the following variables from the model: Alcohol use, Non-injection drug use, Co-infection with Chlamydia trachomatis, Age at first sexual intercourse (years) and sexual orientation.
Table 3: Multiple logistic regression model of the factors associated with co-infection with the human immunodeficiency virus of men diagnosed with gonorrhoea. Sandoval Health Centre, Madrid, 2010.
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