Constructs Regression coefficients
Unstandardized β(95%CI) Standardized β(95%CI)
P. susceptibility 0.14(1.10-1.20)* 1.25(1.69-7.19)*
P. severity 0.12(1.08-1.18)* 1.69(2.10-13.94)*
P. self efficacy of condom use -0.81(0.88-0.96)* -0.91(0.22-0.73)*
P. response efficacy of condom use -0.24(0.72-0.86)* -1.86(0.05-0.51)*
*Statistically significant at p. value<0.05.
NB. Variables indicated in the above table are significant in crude or/and adjusted OR only but those which are not significant in both cases are not indicated in the table.
Table 11: Regression coefficients (β) to see the effect of EPPM constructs in message response categories of the respondents in Hosanna Colleges, SNNPR, Ethiopia, March 2012.
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