Harris-Benedict (HB) equation for kilocalories
Males: ((66+(13.7 × weight (kg))+(5 × height (cm)) – (6.8 × age))*AF) *WHO)
Females: ((655+(9.6 × weight (kg))+(1.8 × height (cm)) – (4.7 × age) *AF) *WHO)
World Health Organization equation for protein
Males and females: 0.83 g protein/kg IBW
Robinson formula for IBW
Males: IBW (kg)=52 kg+1.9 kg for each inch over 5 feet
Females: IBW (kg)=49 kg+1.7 kg for each inch over 5 feet
Abbreviations: AF=activity factor; Harris-Benedict (HB); IBW=ideal body weight; WHO=World Health Organization
Table 4: Predictive equations for kilocalories, protein, and ideal body weight (IBW).
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