Characteristic UAOR 95% CI MLR OR (95% CI)*
Female Gender 2.2 0.65-7.40  
African American Race 0.35 0.11-1.13  
Lifetime Sex Partners£ 1.06 0.67-1.67  
11-14 (ref)    
15-16 1.1 0.32-4.03  
17+ 3.75 0.99-14.2  
History of prior STD diagnosis 3.76 0.22-63.3  
Tested prior for HIV --- ---  
Provider recommended testing 5.0 1.65-15.2 5.89 (1.40-24.9)
Intend to be tested in 6 months 3.04 1.01-9.17  
High HIV testing stigma≈ 0.24 0.07-0.82 0.17 (0.04-0.77)
HIV coping self-efficacy≈ 1.0 0.92-1.1  
Race variable coded as a categorical variable with White as the reference group (2=African American, 1=Hispanic, 0=non-Hispanic White). SD indicates standard deviation; UAOR, unadjusted odds ratio of having a positive attitude toward HIV testing; MLR, multiple logistic regression; OR odds ratios; CI, 95% confidence interval; P, p value.
≈ HIV testing stigma was dichotomized at the mean due to the distribution of responses. Whereas HIV coping self-efficacy was used as a continuous scale due to the normal distribution of responses. 
* Factors significant at 0.10 or less in simple logistic regression and theoretical factors where included in the final model. The final adjusted model was controlled for pregnancy. Prior HIV testing history was dropped from the final model due to co-linearity.
‡ P value for the final model using multiple logistic regressions. Variables at p value <0.05 included in the final model.
£ Range of self-reported number of partners among youth who reported being not sexually active (0-9).
Table 4: Factors Associated with HIV Testing in Never Sexually Active Adolescents (N=18, 22%).
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