Anti-CCR5 antibody Ref Study Immunogen/Vector Adjuvant//Route/ Schedule Biological features Limits
Natural ECL1
[75, 80, 83, 84, 86] ESN and LTNP sera. Natural Ags ? Low dose Ags presented by mucosal route ? Inhibition of MIP-1beta chemotaxis.
Binding to native CCR5 on PBMC.
CCR5 internalization.
Block of HIV transcytosis .
Block of R5-HIV isolates from A, B, C, E clades
Natural, uncommon.
Natural Nt/ECL2 Abs [76-78, 85] Healthy donors
Delta32+ ESN
HIV+ patients
Natural Ags? Allo Ags exposure ? Competition for chemokine binding.
Binding to native CCR5 on transfected or PBMC.
Block of R5-HIV laboratory and primary isolates.
Natural response observed in healthy HIVexposed or in chronic HIV pz.
Not all Abs internalize CCR5
Anti-CCR5 humanized mAbs [68-71] Passive immunization clinical trial PRO140 HGS001 IV infusion in HIV-positive patients Well-tollerated, no toxicity. IM infusion.
Immune responses to therapeutic Abs.
Table 2: Anti-CCR5 immune responses in humans (naturally occurring or upon passive immunization).