Trial Name Candidate Vaccine Location Population Outcome References
Vax 004 AIDSVAX B/B USA MSM, high risk women No efficacy [43,44,76,77]
Vax 003 AIDSVAX B/E Thailand IV drug users No efficacy [45]
HVTN 502 / STEP MRK Ad5 gag/pol/nef B Australia, Caribbean, the Americas MSM, high risk men and women No protection, transient increased risk. Study terminated early [60,78-81]
HVTN 503 / Phambili MRK Ad5 gag/pol/nef B South Africa Men and women Study terminated due to STEP trial findings. Post-hoc analysis indicating increased risk with vaccine [61,62]
HVTN 505


USA Circumcised men and MTF transgender Stopped for futility, participants are being monitored [63]
RV 144 ALVAC / AIDSVAX B/E Thailand General Public 31% protection against HIV infection, no effect on plasma viral load [7,69-75,82-85]
Table 2: Summary of Phase IIb and Phase III HIV Vaccine Trials.
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